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Dry and cracked skin lotion relief

-Get your relief today-

The ingredients for Physicians Majic were combined by a physician in 1947 as a custom formulated dry skin lotion for my mother when she was a very young child.  She suffered from chronic eczema during her childhood. 

During her early childhood my grandmother would have her wear gloves to prevent her from scratching her dry skin, which was at times cracked and weeping. After using this specially formulated lotion, her dry skin began to heal miraculously. The eczema disappeared with continued and consistent use of this special formula. 

For over 50 years my mother applied the skin care lotion each and every day.  Her once dry skin became absolutely beautiful and remained so all her life.

Over the years, those who have had problems with dry skin have used the lotion, and seen a 100% improvement, whether it be eczema or skin that is dry, cracked, and rough from other maladies, or dry skin conditions.

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