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  • Dry skin relief lotion

  • Soothing eczema skin care

  • Helps dry skin to attract and retain its own natural moisture, leaving it feeling soft 

  • Softens dry skin while permitting it to breathe

  • Excellent for toning sensitive or dry skin

  • This skin care lotion prevents oily buildup

  • Heals dry skin, and even cracked skin

  • Shielding lotion helps wounds heal

  • Safe for children and diabetics

  • Safe for facial use

12oz. spray bottle $24.95 (shipping & handling included)

4oz. spray bottle $14.95 (shipping & handling included)

Witch Hazel is a wonderful astringent, it helps to smooth wrinkles, cleanse and tone the skin and prevent oily buildup on the tissues of the skin.  Witch Hazel is a painkiller and antiseptic that will help to kill bacteria and keep skin clear of pimples and acne.  It also helps to keep wounds clean and combat infection, it relieves the pain and inflammation of hemorrhoids and soothes minor burns, sunburn, sores, bedsores, dry skin disease, and eczema.

Glycerin is a humectant, meaning it attracts moisture to your skin.  Glycerin is an emollient, an ingredient that helps to balance or maintain moisture levels and eliminate dry skin. As a moisturizing ingredient, glycerin helps the skin to attract and retain its own natural moisture, leaving it feeling soft, rather than sitting on top of the skin. Glycerin softens the skin while permitting it to breathe. 

Bay rum - contains a phenolic essential oil used in lotions and colognes. May contain an antiseptic agent such as alcohol to prevent infection from cuts as well as numb damaged skin, a perfume to enhance scent, and a moisturizer to soften the skin. It is said that the alcohol in the bay rum closes pores in the skin and prevents irritation ("razor burn")

Benzoin Tincture - is used as a  treatment for damaged dry skin, it provides skin protection and acts as an antiseptic prior to the application of adhesives or skin barriers.

Tween™ 20 - A non-ionic nondenaturing detergent used in pharmaceutical applications to stabilize emulsions and suspensions.

Organic Rose Oil -is one of the most suitable ingredients of ointments and lotions for the skin, particularly when it is inflamed or dehydrated.

Rosewater - is excellent for toning the skin which is sensitive or dry.

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